Central Texas Table Tennis (CT3)

Services at the Club

CT3 is the most active and growing table tennis club in south Austin, reaching the surrounding central Texas areas. We offer a variety of services to players of all skill levels. Our club is not only a place to have fun, but also a place to learn and improve your game. We believe every single player benefits from such growth, both mentally and physically, no matter what their level or goals. It's the foundation of a healthy and active lifestyle!

Play Sessions

We are open several days per week for open play, meaning anyone can come and join us to play and have fun! During open play, members and visitors are welcome to play at any table that has an available spot, with anyone they choose.

The cost for an open play session (of any length) is $10. This amount is payable in cash (for visitors), or via credit card in your PlayCT3.com member account.

The only rule we have for open play is: if there's anyone waiting to play, please make sure you monitor your time on the table and every 15-20 minutes, offer up a spot to someone who's been waiting. Typical sessions will have some periods with waiting players but plenty of other time where there's nobody waiting. You can play as long as you want, and take breaks whenever you want, as long as you follow the only rule.

If you come with another player (such as a family member or friend), and want to play only with them, you're welcomed to do so as long as there's an open table and nobody waiting. Otherwise, please follow the only rule. We do not currently offer table reservations, but that may become available in the future.

We ask that children 10 and under be supervised by an adult at all times while at the club.


Membership at CT3 offers a variety of benefits, and we encourage all regular players to consider supporting the club with a monthly membership. Especially if you think you will play more than 3-4 times in a month, it's likely better financially to consider one of our three membership levels:

* All membership levels offer a complimentary play session (to access the facility) with each private or group lesson purchase ($10 value).

Unused membership-included open play sessions, and membership-bundled private lessons, DO NOT roll-over from month to month. They must be used during the membership term (neither early nor late). However, if you "early activate" an upgraded membership level, any unused services will roll-over to the upgraded membership term.

In addition to the above benefits for membership levels, a variety of new benefits are coming (soon!) to CT3 memberships, including:

Stay tuned for more information about these and other exciting membership benefits. And lock in your membership price today before those prices go up!

Private & Group Lessons

CT3 has 2 coaches, each who offer (1-hr) private lessons, as well as (2-hr) group sessions (of 3-6 players).

Private lessons and group lessons individually focus on personal skills goals of each player.

Private lessons cost $60. Group Lessons cost $50 (per player).

All lessons require players to purchase and use an open play session ($10) to access the club facility. However, all membership levels offer complimentary open play sessions with each lesson purchase.

Skills Clinics

Skills Clinics are like a super-sized group lesson, with both coaches and 7 - 12 players. Each clinic has a specific skill-theme for all players, and runs 2.5 - 3 hours.

The cost is $40 (per player).

Note: Skills Clinics do not require a separate open play session for accessing the club facility.

Special Events

CT3 runs occassional Doubles Tournaments, as well as League Play. See staff members for more information and to express interest.