Central Texas Table Tennis (CT3)


At CT3, we believe deeply in the importance of foundational skills of the game being the key to unlocking everything players want to get out of their time on the court.

Whether your goals are simply to have more fun at the table, to achieve better exercise (mental and physical!), or even to compete better and win more... whatever you're looking for, the place to start is at CT3, with our professional coaches.

Coach Cesar Serna and Coach Patrick Furgason would love to meet you and help you discover if there's more you can build for your game.

If it's your first time having a table tennis lesson, our coaches will give you a free evaluation lesson to help you decide if it's right for you. Or, if you're ready, book a lesson with Cesar or book a lesson with Patrick.

Private Lessons are 1hr in length and are one-on-one with a coach and a dedicated table divided off from the general play area, to help you maintain focus and rhythm with the coach.

In addition, we offer group lessons for 3 - 6 players (with one coach), and group clinics for 7 - 12 attendees (with both coaches).