Central Texas Table Tennis (CT3)

Terms of Service (PlayCT3.com)

Last Update: 2/11/2024

The following terms of service apply to anyone creating or using a member account on PlayCT3.com. PlayCT3.com must be accessed with https:// protocol, meaning all activity is encrypted and private.

For the purposes of this document, the terms "player", "member", and "user" are all interchangeable.

Member Accounts, Transactional Emails

Each player at CT3 Club must obtain a free account (or be added to an existing account) on PlayCT3.com, which involves registering with first and last name, email address, and selecting an account password. Players may optionally add profile information, including a phone number, profile photo, racket type, and USATT Member ID.

Players may update any of their account information (including email address) at any time, at their discretion, as well as remove any optional information they previously provided.

Member accounts are serviced with transactional emails sent to the email on file with an account. Moreover, Stripe.com sends email receipts for each payment, to the email address in a member account. These transactional emails cannot be unsubscribed, as they are necessary for maintaining active and useable accounts.

Players are responsible for maintaining access to their member account, including keeping an active email address listed on their account, as well as remembering/storing their account access password (and keeping it secret/protected).

A forgotten password can be automatically reset if the player has access to the email address on the account. If the email address on an account cannot be accessed, players must request a staff member (in person) to restore access to their account.

Marketing/Promotional Emails

By default, all member accounts are subscribed to receive occassional emails (generally 1-2 times per month at maximum) about the club's activities, including upcoming events, schedule changes, etc.

A member may unsubscribe from these updates in their "My Account" settings, as well as re-subscribe at their discretion.

Public Profiles

Account information, including first name and last initial, as well as any provided optional account information, may be displayed on a publicly accessible profile page, such as the one at https://playct3.com/u/getify.

The username (e.g., "getify" in the above URL) for an account's profile is automatically generated at registration time, but may be changed at any time (as long as it's not to an already taken username).

Players should only share information they are comfortable appearing on their public profile page, and withhold/remove any information they do not want displayed publicly.

Additional Players

Member accounts may list additional players (each with their own profile). These additional player profiles do not have their own logins, email addresses, or separate billing information.

Additional player profiles should be used for players who would otherwise not maintain their own account managment and billing, separate from the main account owner, such as spouses or children.

Purchases, Payments

All services provided by CT3 can be added to a member account at the player's discretion, including play sessions, memberships, and lessons.

Adding any service creates a pending transaction (much like a shopping cart on an ecommerce site). Pending transaction(s) must then have a payment submitted and completed to become active for the player to use at the CT3 club.

Pending transactions remain on a member account indefinitely, but can be discarded by the account owner at any time prior to payment being submitted.

Purchases for services are generally designated per player (if an account has listed additional players); this includes play sessions, lessons, and memberships. If a paid-for service on an account needs to be transferred to a different player or account, please contact a staff member for assistance.

Payments are generally submitted manually by the account owner (except for automatic payments on recurring membership renewals; see "Memberships" below). Manually submitted payments always include all pending transactions on the account at the time of payment.

Sales Tax

All play sessions and memberships include in their listed prices an 8.25% sales tax (Texas).

That is, a play session listed for $10.00 (which is what you pay!), is actually $9.24 with $0.76 collected (and remitted) in sales tax.


CT3 is pleased to offer a 15% discount for any youth (under 18), seniors, and military members who join our club community. This discount applies to all play sessions and memberships, but not lessons (including the bundled lessons with Plus and Premium membership levels).

After account/profile creation, please notify a staff member (or contact info@playct3.com) if you believe this discount applies to you (and/or any additional players on your account), and we will set it up.

Discounted prices will automatically be displayed at the time of adding an applicable service (e.g., $8.50 instead of $10.00).

Unfortunately, discounts cannot be applied retroactively, so please make sure it has been set up BEFORE adding any services or submitting payments.


Refunds are costly (extra fees) and create various issues with the club's processes and vendor relationships. To avoid such negative complications, ALL PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, for any reason. Please make sure to confirm desire for all pending service(s) before submitting payment on the account.

Unused (but paid-for) play sessions and lessons remain available on the account for at least 12 months.

If you are unhappy with any service you have previously paid for, or otherwise are unable to fully use the service, PLEASE DO NOT initiate a dispute for the charge, as this can jeopardize the whole CT3 club's processing account (in addition being very costly in fees). Please contact a staff member in person or at info -at- playct3 -dot- com, and we will work with you to resolve your concerns and make it right.


Monthly memberships offer discounted options for play sessions. These memberships are designated per player (if an account has listed additional players).

Memberships come in three levels: Basic, Plus, and Premium.

Memberships cannot overlap (date-wise) for the same player. That is, even if an account owner paid in advance for two or more membership terms for the same player, these terms would always run consecutively, back-to-back, rather than concurrently.

All memberships include a set number of play sessions (Note: Premium is unlimited). These play sessions are only useable during that membership term; they do not roll over, nor can they be used early prior to the start of a future (already-paid-for) membership term.

Plus and Premium levels also come with one or more bundled lesson credits. These bundled lesson credits must be used during the membership term -- checked-in against, or scheduled for a future date (during or beyond the term); these bundled lessons do not roll over, nor can they be used early.

NOTE: If a term-bundled lesson credit is used to schedule a future lesson beyond the end of the term, and then after the term that scheduled lesson is canceled (i.e., for rescheduling), the original term-bundled lesson credit will be discarded and cannot be re-used. Re-scheduling a lesson always requires an unused purchased lesson, or a bundled lesson credit from the then-current term.

If you wish to upgrade your membership level, you simply purchase a new membership term at the desired level. You have the option to wait to let that upgrade take effect on the start date of that new term (after any already purchased term(s) are complete), OR to early activate the newly upgraded membership term.

Membership term purchase/upgrade costs are never pro-rated.

Membership Term Early Activation

If two or more membership terms have been purchased, the "next" membership term (not yet active) may be early activated, which ends the current term immediately. This allows a member to gain access to play sessions (and/or bundled lessons) in that next term, if they have exhausted the play sessions/bundled lessons in their current term.

If the next term to be early activated is at the same (or lower) membership level, the next term is set to start from that moment of upgrade, and ends one month later (with auto-renewal 3 days before). For example, if it's the 3rd of a month, and the next term is set to start on the 7th, early activation would change (i.e., slide forward) that term to start on the 3rd and end on the 2nd of the next month (with renewal 3 days before).

WARNING: Early activation (of the same membership level, or a downgrade in level) will abandon any unused play sessions or bundled (not separately purchased!) lesson credits in the current term; so this early activation should only be done when there are none remaining. The "shift" forward in term dates (and renewals) should also be considered carefully.

As an incentive to upgrade membership level, an early activation upgrade rolls forward any unused play sessions and/or bundled lesson credits, and "extends" the term (rather than shifting it forward), from that moment of activation out to the term's original end date (and renewal date). For the same running example, the early activated term would now run from the 3rd of the current month to the 6th of the next month -- longer than a typical month term -- (with renewal 3 days before).

Term Dates

All membership terms are monthly, running from the same day per month to the end of the prior day in the next month. For example: if a member pays for a membership on the 7th of a month, that term will run from the 7th of that current month through to the 6th of the next month.

On the initial purchase of a membership term, or any subsequent manual membership term purchase, membership terms will run from the date of payment, regardless of the initial transaction date, as long as this doesn't create an overlap in membership terms.

However, if a membership term is an automatic renewal from a previous term, it will start immediately after the end of the previous term (no gap), even if for some reason payment is not completed until a later date.

Automatic Renewals

All memberships automatically default to renewal on a monthly basis. Renewal occurs 3 days before the end of the membership term (so the 3rd of each month, in our previous example), by adding a pending (not yet charged) transaction to the account for the next membership term. An email notification is sent to the account owner when this occurs.

During the subsequent 3 days, prior to any manual or automatic payment, a member may discard this purchase (to cancel membership renewal), or add/remove other pending services (membership terms, lessons, etc), or submit payment early, all at their own discretion.

On the first day of the new renewed membership term (again, the 7th in the running example), a payment will automatically be processed (if necessary).

An email notification will be sent to the account owner upon payment submission, as well as an emailed receipt from Stripe.com upon successful payment processing.

Automatic renewal can always be toggled on or off (under "My Services" in a member's account). But an auto-renewal initiated pending purchase for a membership term must be explicitly discarded before the automatic charge is submitted on the term's start date.

Any purchase of a membership term will always turn auto-renewal on for that membership term.


All lessons (private or group) must be purchased before a confirmed scheduling occurs. Group lessons are reserved in advance, in an unconfirmed (not guaranteed) status, and are charged at the time of confirming the group lesson for all player attendees.

All lessons require an additional use of a play session (to access the club facility), which must be purchased at the time of purchasing the lesson. However, each lesson purchased while holding an active membership term automatically gets an additional play session purchase added to account for free (to use with that lesson).

Private Lessons

Private lessons are scheduled with a coach (or "any available coach") on a first-come, first-served basis.

Lessons are conducted on a dedicated, sectioned-off table, to minimize distractions from the rest of the club and to maximize the player's learning experience.

Private lessons are nominally "1 hour", which generally means they will run approximately 57 minutes, to allow for brief delays at the start, and/or switchover at the end from one lesson to the next, while keeping each player's lesson starting on time. Brief extensions of lesson time are at the discretion of the coach and subject to scheduling/table availability.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are by default reserved in "unconfirmed" status, meaning they're not guaranteed. No payment is collected at that time.

If 3 - 6 players reserve the same group lesson slot, at least 48 hours in advance of the slot, they will all be notified by email of a pending confirmation of the group lesson to follow in 24 hours.

If at least 3 group lesson reservations are still pending at that time, all reservations in the group lesson are confirmed and charged.

If there are not at least 3 unconfirmed reservations by 48 hours in advance, or if there are not at least 3 pending reservations remaining by 24 hours in advance, the group lesson will be canceled, and all players holding reservations will be notified. Nothing will be charged.

If a reservation is made for a pending group lesson -- during that 24 hour pending period -- the account owner is immediately notified by email of when the pending group lesson will either confirm or cancel, which will result in less than 24 hours to cancel the reservation before it is confirmed and charged.

If a reservation is made on an already confirmed group lesson (previous players have already paid), that reservation is confirmed and charged immediately.

Confirmed group lesson reservations cannot generally be canceled, as other players in the group lesson made their decisions and payments based on all others in the group. Otherwise, group lessons may be jeopardized, or waste player/coach time.

However, if extenuating circumstances (sickness, etc) come up last minute, a late-cancelation of a confirmed group lesson reservation will be at the sole discretion of the coach running that lesson. Late cancelation, if granted, will leave an unused (but paid) group lesson credit on the account, for use on another future group lesson.

A player should contact the coach directly in such a late-cancelation case, in advance of the group lesson. No cancelations (nor refunds) will be granted after the fact, NO exceptions.

Group lessons are nominally "2 hours", which generally means they will run approximately 1 hour 57 minutes, to allow for brief delays at the start, and/or switchover at the end from one lesson to the next, while keeping each player's lesson starting on time. Brief extensions of group lesson time are at the discretion of the coach and subject to scheduling/table availability.


CT3 will never share any personal information of any member/player with any other party, except as minimally necessary for auxilliary services, as described below.

PlayCT3.com does not employ any advertising whatsoever, and thus does not share any information about, or allow any cross-site tracking of, users, whether they be members or visitors, to any other advertising or marketing companies.

PlayCT3.com only uses minimal, temporary tracking information (i.e., session cookies, session storage of profile information) for the purposes of establishing a login session for a member account. Logging out of an account completely removes all temporary tracking information from that device.

To reduce spam/fraud, PlayCT3.com uses Google reCAPTCHA service (v3) on its /register and /login pages. This service uses temporary tracking information (i.e., cookies) to ensure users of the site are real humans and not automated spam bots. PlayCT3.com does not access or store this information in any way. More information about Google's use of tracking information can be found in their privacy policy.

Stripe.com is provided a player's first and last name, email address, and the service(s) and amounts they are charging to their payment option. In addition, players must store at least one payment option (credit or debit card) on file, directly at Stripe.com. PlayCT3.com only maintains minimal identifying information for these payment options, and never sees or has access to the full credit card number or security code. More information about Stripe's use of provided information can be found in their privacy policy.

Sender.net is provided a player's first and last name, email address, and phone number (if provided on account), for the purposes of servicing marketing/promotional emails from CT3. More information about Sender's use of provided information can be found in their privacy policy.